We have a long-term economic plan for London

Amy Gray today welcomed the six-point long-term economic plan for London launched by George Osborne and Boris Johnson – showing what’s been delivered, what’s underway and what more can be done to make the city prosperous in the long-term.


Amy said:


“Today’s announcements show that it’s the Conservatives who have an ambitious and exciting plan for London’s future. This will build on our current success and make it an ever better place to live.


“The plan will mean families better off, with more people in work, new housing, better roads, better railways, and improved schools and skills. Locally people will particularly benefit from plans for 24 hour trains on the Overground and Crossrail 2, which will both have a direct impact on Hackney. I’ll also fight to ensure that Hackney gets our fair share of investment in housing.


“The only way we’ll be able to achieve this is by sticking to the long-term economic plan that is already starting to deliver a better future in our area. The choice at this year’s election for people in Hackney North and Stoke Newington is clear - it’s between strong leadership and a plan that is working with the Conservatives, or the chaos and insecurity of Ed Miliband and a Labour government, who would take us backwards and punish London for its success.”


The plan aims to:

·         Create over half a million extra jobs in London by 2020 by backing businesses, attracting worldwide investment and continuing to raise standards in schools.

·         Solve London’s acute housing problem, the number one challenge facing the city, by building over 400,000 new homes – including through a London Land Commission to identify and support development of brownfield and public sector land.

·         Outdo the growth of New York, adding £6.4bn to the London economy by 2030 – equivalent to £600 more per person.

·         Deliver £10 billion of new investment in London’s transport over the next Parliament including new tube improvements, better roads, more buses and cycle lanes and identifying the next big infrastructure investment after Crossrail. This will include 24 hour trains on the Overground.

·         Make London a centre of the world’s creative and commercial life, with new investment in science, finance, technology and culture. This will include a new feasibility study to develop a world class concert hall for London which will be led by the Barbican Centre.

·         Give more power to Londoners to control their city’s future, with new powers for the Mayor of London to support economic growth, boost skills in the capital and have more control over planning powers.


Because there are no quick fixes to achieving these important goals, the Conservatives have set out a specific timetable to deliver the key concepts of this plan over the five years of the next parliament, and the following decade. This plan directly tackles some of the most important issues facing us in Hackney North, as more housing, more jobs and better transport are vital.